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Luxury Beachfront Villa in Puerto Vallarta

Casa Karma is a luxurious beachfront Luxury Villa featuring 8 stunning individual Guest Suites, each with their own en-suite bath. The villa features a full staff of Chef, houseman, concierge, and maid to see to guests needs. Casa Karma is perfect for families, reunions, special events or just those looking to unwind, relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta!

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How far is the villa from the airport?

The Villa is located 20 to 30 minute drive south of the airport in Conchas Chinas . The ride from the airport to the villa will vary depending on the time of day and flow of traffic.

What are check in and check out times?

Our check in is after 3:00 pm and  our check out it at 11:00 AM. We are happy to accommodate an early check in or late check out based on our availability. Please ask our reservation’s manager to arrange this.

How many staff work at the villa and what are their hours?

We have a wonderful Staff that will cater to your every need. Our staff is usually there at 8:00 AM and will leave after cleaning up after dinner which is usually served at 7:00 pm.

Raúl  – Customer service -He has dominion over all as the over seer.

Moises – Houseman responsible for villa operations, maintenance, pool and garden.If you need help with anything,Moi is your guy!

Hugo – Waiter and bar tender/He is mainly in charge of  shopping, and will serve you poolside drinks, set the table and anticipate any need you may have during your stay.

Javier –  Chef . The meals he prepares are sure to win your heart and will make you want to stay in for dinner every night!

Eusebia – Housekeeper and who will also do laundry and mending if necessary .She makes sure your rooms and rest of the property are clean and that all pillows are properly fluffed!

Rocio: Our reservation’s manager she is your point of contact from the moment you inquire and will answer any questions you have, help you book, confirm payments, coordinate arrival information  and make sure  that the staff is ready for your stay!

How do meals work at Casa Karma ?

Our wonderful chef’s services are included in the nightly rate. The staff will do all shopping, prep work, cooking, serving and clean up for three meals each day at no additional cost to you. The cost of groceries, both food and drinks is additional and we just pass it onto you (with receipts – no service fee)

For planning purposes,  we suggest an estimate  of $35 a day per guest staying and $10 to $15 for drinks and alcohol. Keep in mind this number will be on the lower end should you choose to eat out, if you have a lot of kids, vegetarians, or nondrinkers in your group. This number can be higher should you choose expensive steaks or seafood options such as lobster or if meals are accompanied by top shelf liquors and pricier wines and beers. We recommend you give our staff around 50% of the estimated food budget upfront ( based on the suggested amount above) for shopping, check in mid week, and then of course settle at the end of your stay. All money for groceries must be paid directly to our staff in CASH only, as they do not have a way to take credit cards or checks.

Breakfasts have many items that are served family style from platters of fresh fruit , french toast and bacon etc. You  have the option of ordering additional items such as omelets,  individually. Lunches and Dinners are ordered as a group, meaning everyone is served the same dish. Our chef is happy to work around any  allergies and dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten free etc. . Dinners can be up to four courses including appetizers, a soup or salad, a main dish and dessert. We will provide menu suggestions to make meal planning as easy as possible!

How much should we tip the staff?

How much should we tip the staff?

Gratuities are a very personal matter and you should give what feels appropriate for the service you received and requested.  As we are often asked this question, we give the guideline between $15  to $20 dollars per guest  staying at the villa per day. The collective amount would then be divided up between the staff at the end of your stay.  We can provide envelopes so that you can give it directly to each staff member.

Is it safe to swim at the beach?

Yes, but please take note that there are many rocks and there are strong ocean currents at the beaches. … Swim at your own risk. You can walk to the right side of the beach to find the perfect spot.

Does the villa have internet service?

There is Wi-Fi in the Villa and there are a number of free hot-spots and internet cafes around Puerto Vallarta. There are a number of apps like Whatsapp, Facetime, Skype, etc. you can use to keep in touch with loved ones at home. We recommend that you check with your cell phone provider to find out what kind of international plans are available for you while in Mexico.

Is Puerto Vallarta's tap water safe?

Puerto Vallarta’s drinking water is held to high international standards and has won numerous safety awards for purity and cleanliness. The villa has its own purification system also, so no need to fear brushing your teeth and showering . Stick to purified bottled  for drinking to be safe. We use purified bottled water for cooking and ice!

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